Merrymeet Calendar 2024

Merrymeet calendar 2024

$1950/week Saturday to Saturday $400 refundable* damage deposit, $950 to reserve a week, then $1400 e-transfer one month before rental begins

 *Leave cottage undamaged, fridge clean, boats away and cottage interior clean as you found it, full deposit is refundable.

May is somewhat cool and lots of black flies, hence we do not usually rent Merrymeet in May.

June is a warm month, still a few mosquitoes, but warm dry days reduce the numbers. Merrymeet has many windows with new bug-proof screens, perfect for opening the windows wide, and curling up with a great book when you are not out on the lake, dock or  walking in the woods. Bring some repellant for walks; Enjoy the dock, paddle our canoe and our boat with oars

July calendar
august calendar

July and August are prime months. Warm water and delightful evenings, swimming, canoeing, trips to the beach, laughter abounds. Bring sunscreen

August 2024

Nights become gradually cooler, as well as the water. Sunshine is still warm during the day, and nights are starry and cool. The water is still very swimmable. Walks, canoe paddling and bicycle rides are amazing with colours abounding on the trees. The cozy fireplace awaits

October 2022

October nights may bring occasional frost, the water is cool, but a dip is still possible - Merrymeet's  cozy fireplace is a good choice. Long walks in the woods are wonderful, and great views, with most of the leaves off the trees.  Merrymeet is closed for the  season around Thanksgiving (October 14, 2024) ; frosty  nights can freeze the water lines. 

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